Queen Elizabeth will not attend Christmas Day church service due to ill health

London, Dec 25: Queen Elizabeth II will not attend Sunday’s Christmas Day church service because she is still suffering from a heavy cold, the Buckingham Palace announced.

A spokesman said the Queen would stay indoors to help her recover but she would still participate in the family’s Christmas celebrations, the BBC reported.
“Her Majesty the Queen will not attend church at Sandringham,” a palace spokesman said.
“The Queen continues to recover from a heavy cold and will stay indoors to assist with her recovery…Her Majesty will participate in the Royal Family Christmas celebrations during the day,” the spokesman added.
Other members of the Royal Family are expected to attend the service.
Crowds have already gathered in Sandringham, the Queen’s Norfolk estate, in expectation of the service.
The Queen and Prince Philip began their Christmas break this week one day late, postponing their trip because they were both suffering from colds.
They flew from Buckingham Palace to the Norfolk estate by helicopter on Thursday, having missed a train on Wednesday.

Queen Elizabeth II

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