PU College now in Bangalore sets Higher Cut-offs for girls

Report By Saloni Kumari Mount Carmel College Students Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 17 2019

As compared to Boys college, pu college for Girls cut offs are high.

For instances Christ Pu college has kept 93%for girls and 91% for boys .

On this point the , the the Vice-Chancellor of Christ (deemed to be University), Fr Abraham VM, was quoted by the daily as saying, “Girls are smart, and this is not a new trend.
He says that if there won’t be any high cut for girls then time will come when there only be girl candidates and no boys.

Generally too, cut-offs have been set quite high, with even the 85 percent benchmark not guaranteeing admission in the sought-after colleges.

However, some colleges like St Joseph’s PU College do not carry a cutoff for admission.

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