Property row: Man shoots his son dead in Karnataka

MADIKERI: A man shot dead his son in Kattemadu village

near Maragodu late on Sunday evening.

Nandetira Niran Thimmaiah, 34, was the victim. His father Chittiyappa has two sons, one of them is working at a resort in Kutta. It is said that the deceased Niran left his job in Goa and was looking after his estate in Kattemadu.

A while ago, the estate in the name of Chittiyappa was divided into two portions and registered in the name of his two sons. After this, Chittiyappa had put a condition that every month his sons should give him Rs 2,000 each for his personal expenses. Accordingly, the sons used to pay Chittiyappa every month. This month, the eldest son gave money to his father, but the second son, Niran, failed to pay him the promised amount. A verbal fight was going on between father and son over the issue for a few days.

On Sunday evening, an angry Chittiyappa aimed the bullet at the chest portion of his son Niren using a single-barrel gun belonging to him. The victim, who was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, collapsed.

After the incident, Chittiyappa surrendered to the local police. Superintendent of police K Ramarajan visited the spot. A case has been registered.

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