Posters in Trichy urge Rajinikanth to enter politics

TRICHY: In the light of the political uncertainty in Tamil Nadu, a group of Rajini fans in Trichy have appealed to the superstar to enter politics.

Posters appealing to actor Rajinikanth to lead the state could be spotted in some areas in Trichy on Monday. The posters had juxtaposed a photo af Rajinikanth waving his hands and a picture of St George Fort in Chennai. The death of J Jayalalithaa and ill-health of DMK president M Karunanidhi prompted these fans to seek the superstar’s leadership.
“It’s our first step towards persuading Rajini to enter politics. It’s the right time for him to enter politics to fill the vacuum created by the death of former chief minister Jayalalithaa,” said Royal Raj, organiser of Trichy district Rajinikanth fans headquarters club (Rajini Thalam).
According to the fans, they are speaking on behalf of the people of Tamil Nadu who wish to see Rajinikanth lead the state. “As fans, we naturally want him to lead the state. But what is interesting is that the people also want the superstar to enter politics. The public may not be vocal about this, and thus we are speaking for them,” he said. Confident that Rajini would consider the demands made by his fans, they plan to meet him at his house on February 26, his wedding anniversary.
The posters in support of Rajinikanth have come up two days after a group of people including AIADMK cadres, launched a new outfit ‘Puratchi Malar J Deepa Peravai’ in Trichy.

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