Political wile in selection of Chancellor, Gangubai Hangal University of Music and Performing Arts.

Bengaluru : Recently, there is uproar about the politics in the selection of Chancellorfor the Karnataka State Dr. Gangubai Hangal University of Music and Performing Arts, Mysore.

According to the UGC norms, there is a rule that an expert, who is a professor of music and performing arts and has an experience in the subject, should be selected for the post of Chancellor.

Earlier, a professor other than music and performing arts has applied and nominated for the position of Chancellor. But the selection was withdrawn by the Governor as the selection criteria was beyond the UGC norms, sources say that still the same effort is underway again.

Despite contravention of the UGC rule, the Higher Education Selection Committee meeting held on Tuesday (16/07/19), re-proposed the names of a non-academic expert and also recommended several professors beyond the age group.

KT Sunita, a retired professor of English, Madhu Mohan, a retired IAS officer, and a retired professor of music, BM Jayashri (MPS), are in the queue for the post of Chancellor. All the three candidates are retired and completed 63 years, none of them would complete four and a half years of chancellorship. Moreover, till date this is not a rule violation. Though they are not eligible, their names are finalized for the position.If you look at the wiliness, obviously we can see the political hand behind to takeover this position.

From the day of its inception,Dr. Gangubai Hangal University of Music and Performing Arts, Mysore is struggling due to lack of internal politics and subject matter expertise there is still work to be done. This is why student unions,art enthusiasts and Karnataka State Performing arts graduates association are getting upset every year. Though there are several instances of complaining about the same issue to The Governor and the Chief Minister, but the same effort has been continued.

As a whole, the university is undermined by the politics of Chancellor Selection. It is an appeal from the students, including the general public to the Governor, to choose the best subject matter experts and also to support the development of the university without any politics.

Report by: Evening Today

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