Policeman abuses two Muslim Boys, kicks them on face and insulted abused entire Muslim community.

Bengauru: In a viral video that has taken social media platforms by storm in state’s capital Bengaluru, two Muslim youths are seen being abused and kicked by local policeman allegedly for driving rashly and pulling bike stunts on busy road in the city. In the video the youths are being beaten by civilian with a cricket bat in the presence of police.

The two youngsters have been identified as Mohammed Shahid (18) and Huzaif, residents of Padarayanapura.

The police then alleged got hold of them and reportedly assaulted them. In the video one of the policemen is seen using abusive words and kicking the youngsters on their face while they plead apologies for their act.

A civilian man then jumps out of the crowd and assaults the two youngsters with a cricket bat as they whimper in pain before the policeman intercepts and stop the civilian from assaulting the duo.

“We have secured the person who had assaulted the riders with a cricket bat. The policeman who had intervened has also been identified,” senior Bengaluru police officer Dr Bhemshankar Guled said while reacting to the incident after it went viral social media platforms.

Several soial media users have criticised the behavior of policemen on the scene and have demanded action by the department against the personnel.

One of the youngster assaulted by the police, Mohammed Shahid has alleged that he was not pulling the stunts on the road and added that the police had falsely targetted him and his friend while others were carrying out the stunts on road.

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