PM Modi wants to appoint officers of RSS’ choice in civil services, alleges Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to manipulate the UPSC merit list to accommodate officers of RSS’ choice in the central services.

“Rise up students, your future is at risk! RSS wants what’s rightfully yours. The letter below reveals the PM’s plan to appoint officers of RSS’s choice into the Central Services, by manipulating the merit list using subjective criteria, instead of exam rankings,” tweeted Gandhi using the hashtag ‘ByeByeUPSC’ along with a letter from the PMO.

on Monday that the government is considering whether it can assess candidates based on the 15-week foundation course for new recruits while alloting services and cadres. As per documents accessed , the PMO wants to allot services and cadres only after the completion of the foundation course rather than based on the marks secured in the Union Public service Commission (UPSC ) examination, as is the norm presently.

“Examine the feasibility of giving due weightage to the performance in the Foundation Course and making service allocation as well as cadre allocation to All India Service Officers based on the combined score obtained in the Civil Services Examination as well as in the Foundation Course,” reads the May 17 letter from Vijoy Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary, DoPT, to various departments.

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