Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 6 2020

Hours before people across the country came to their doorstep and balcony for the ‘light-a-diya’ as a show of their answer to unitedly fight the covid-19, PM on Monday reached out to important politicians, including prior presidents, PM and lead of other parties, to discuss the current situation.

Modi called former Presidents Pranab Mukherjee and Pratibha Patil to discuss covid-19 related issues. He also called two former PM Manmohan Singh to talk about the situation in the country.

Sources said Modi’s call to the top politicians and state chief minister was to talk about modalities to restore normal life in the country once the 21-day lockdown time is over. Modi had advise them to think about reel catch up to restore normal life after lockdown.

As a lockdown period is half over the government is observing ways to ease out limitation and Modi’s call to other politicians to seek ideas to go.

The PM will also link with floor leaders of political parties through video call on Wednesday. He has already held links with sportsperson and journalists.

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