“People are already panicked” DK Shivakumar slams government over Corona Virus caller tunes

Bengaluru: Senior Karnataka Congress leader and former minister DK Shivakumar on Tuesday took a jibe at Union Health and Family Welfare Department for setting Corona Virus prevention measures as the caller tunes on mobile numbers.

Shivakumar took to twitter to slam the ministry over the move adding that it was like punishing cow when the buffalo gets fever. Shivakumar also added that the people of the country were already disturbed over the spread of the deadly virus and moves like this added to the panic among the people of the country.

“The people of the country are already disturbed by the outbreak of coronavirus. Prices of fruits, vegetables have increased while stock markets have collapsed,” he tweeted.

“The nation’s economic condition has worsened. It is inappropriate to create panic among people, instead of specifically dealing with the problem,” Shivakumar added in the tweet.

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