Passenger in Bengaluru airport forgets his bag hunts for passengers who falsely claim it

The incident occurred on July 30 when the software engineer landed in Bengaluru on an Emirates flight. Another passenger who had returned from Sharjah took the bag from the ground handler, the police found out from CCTV footage.

A 28-year-old software engineer returning from Germany has approached the Bengaluru police after he stepped out of the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) without collecting his luggage. The police have started looking for a passenger who had taken the bag falsely claiming it belonged to him.

The incident occurred on July 30 when the software engineer, who hails from Andhra Pradesh and is employed by a company based in Whitefield, landed in Bengaluru on an Emirates flight. According to the police, he exited the airport without a bag containing a laptop, his MTech mark sheet, essential documents from his time in Germany, a wireless headphone, mobile phone chargers and adapters, and Rs 3,000 in cash.

A police officer said the Whitefield resident realised his mistake shortly after exiting the airport’s main entrance, but the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) authorities refused to let him in again.

After following guidance from the airport, he was directed to an Indian airline counter with ties to Emirates. However, their efforts to locate the missing bag yielded no results, despite assurances of further communication within two days. Frustrated by the lack of response, the software engineer approached the KIA police three days later.

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