Pakistan Man Finds Out Police Is Using His Motorbike Stolen Eight Years Ago: Report

man in Pakistan got shock of his life when he received an E-Challan for his motorcycle that was stolen no less than eight years ago. And to make matters worse, the victim also found that his long lost bike was being used by police officials themselves in the Sabzarar neighbourhood in Lahore.
Pakistan-based media outlet The Express Tribune reported that the man, identified as Imran, stated that his bike, Honda CD 70, was stolen from the Mughalpura area of Lahore. Back then, he had filed an FIR but the bike was never found.

Now after eight years, he received an E-Challan at his address and to his surprise, the E-Ticket’s picture showed that policemen were riding his motorcycle.

Mr Imran reportedly said that he has filed multiple applications but nothing has come out of it. After he made the discovery he even filed a complaint with the Chief Civilian Personnel Officer (CCPO), asking for his bike’s recovery from the cops using it.

Meanwhile, in another news related to the incident, the Lahore High Court on Wednesday declared the E-Challans being issued to the motorists for violation of traffic rules are illegal. According to Dawn, the court said that Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) is issuing E-tickets through CCTV cameras illegally and without approval from the cabinet. It also added that the government introduced the E-Challan system without doing proper homework and providing the required legal framework.

The verdict maintained that traffic rules violators would be given challan on the spot but authorities cannot impose fines electronically in the form of E-Challans.

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