Report by Noor Zahira| Bengaluru | Last Updated at Dec 9 2019

Since breast cancer continues to be one of the most prominent health issues globally, every effort to create awareness goes a long way. Doing their part in the fight against the disease, Orion Avenue Mall, in association with Safe & Sound, organised Pretty in Pink at Orion Avenue. Held on December 7th, the free event consisted of multiple activities that opened the eyes of the public to the realities of breast cancer.

The ramp walk, choreographed by Yasmin Sait, was a fitting celebration of the bravery of multiple cancer survivors, who appeared alongside models. Serving the awareness objective of the event, cancer specialists provided information and insights on self-examination, prevention and safety. Additionally, designated kiosks by MyClinicCare and Kerala Samajam Charitable Society distributed self-check kits and offered enrolment for professional screening tests.

They received significant amount of attention and participation from the female patrons at the mall. Overall, Pretty in Pink was successful in charting an important chapter for breast cancer awareness in Bangalore.

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