Oommen chandy : former Kerala cm pasees away at age 79

According to the latest post of his son the death of the former chief minister Oommen chandy was announced by a face book post.

The former Chief minister” oommen chandy “has passed away according to the latest reports he was aged 79

The senior Congress leader breathed his last who was being treated for cancer  Bengaluru hospital

Early this morning on July 18th.

Through a Facebook post his son chandy Oommen announced the sad demise of his father.

Mr chandy Oommen was a chief minister of Kerala twice , he was a long term legislator representing the puthupallyconstituency in Kottayam district and an immensely popular public figure.

From August 3-,2004 to may 12 ,2006 he led congress united democratic front (UDF) ministries in Kerala .

Mr chandy during a long political career, severed as labour’s minister in 1977 in the k Karunakaran ministry and held the same portfolio In the ministry led by AK Antony on the succeeding cabinet he was the home minister in the key karunakaran cabinet from December 1981 to March 19 82 he also held the finance portfolio in the UDFministry in 1991

He became the president of youth Congress in 1970 and was active in the INTUC .The Congress back to trade union he was elected to Kerala legislative assembly for the first time in 1970. He was also the convener of UDF during 1982-1986 and 2001 -2004. chandy took over as chief minister in 2004 following the resignation of AK Antony he became CM for second time in 2011 .He also was an opposition leader during 2006 in 2011 he represented the puthupalli constituency for over 5 decades as an astute politician chandy had featured prominently in the inner party group within the state unit of the congress.

Not only this he was also immensely popular with the masses. He was also the general secretary of the AICC at present . Late CM Chandy leaves behind his wife mariamma Oommen , and children achy Oommen , Maria Oommen and chandy Oommen . Many great people condoled the death .

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