On-duty pourakarmika dies of chest pain in Hubballi, family members allege negligence of authorities

HUBBALLI: A 50-year old contract pourakarmika employee of Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation died after reportedly complaining of chest pain prompting his family to blame the authorities for his death alleging negligence. 

The deceased employee has been identified as Ashok Mallappa Ron who passed away after complaining of chest pain during cleaning activity in Ward number 28 in the city on Sunday morning. After complaining of the pain Ashok was taken to Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences where the family alleged that he was not checked upon by any doctor.

Later, Ashok was returning home in a waste collection vehicle with his son Kishor Ron. When they reached near Channamma Circle, suddenly his heartbeats increased. They again went back to KIMS. This time a doctor checked Ashok, but he could only say, “You brought him dead” the family added. 

The deceased is survived by wife, three daughters, and a son, who is also a contract pourakarmika.  

Speaking to Vartha Bharati, Vijay Guntral, president of the association of pourakarmikas, took no time to hold HDMC authorities responsible for Ashok’s death. “HDMC Commissioner Suresh Itnal has ordered to carryout health checkup of every pourakarmikas and cleaning staff on weekly basis. But it did not get implement and remained merely on papers,” Guntral alleged. 

“If corporation authorities had conducted routine health checkups, this incident would have not occurred. The authorities should have been serious about pourakarmikas’ health at least at the time when a pandemic has broke out in the country,” Shankar Ron, son of the deceased, said. 

Shankar also blamed negligence of KIMS doctors for his father’s death. “Doctors at KIMS hospital did not check my father at all. They just handed over a few medicines and sent us back. They could have admitted him and carryout tests to treat him in detail,” Shankar alleged. 

“The government should provide compensation of Rs. 10 lakh and a government job to one of our family members,” Shankar demanded.

KIMS Superintendent Dr. Arun Kumar, however, denied this allegation and said, “the patient had come with chest pain. We advised him to take ECG and get admitted in Cath lab. Meanwhile he went outside and took decision to return home and came back as dead body.” 

How can we neglect patient’s health,? he has neglected his own health,” Dr. Arun Kumar clarified.

“We are carrying out general health checkup of the pourakarmikas and other staff regularly. But when it comes to specific diseases like heart problems, patient should be more careful of his own health. We cannot be blamed for this,” HDMC Commissioner Suresh Itnal clarified.

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