Noida woman comes back from the dead after being ‘cremated’ by family

A Stange incident took place in Noida when a 25-year-old woman who was assumed dead, identified and cremated by her family, walked alive at her residence after 27 days. It was nothing less than a miracle for the family.

At first sight, the woman’s parents could not believe that her daughter, who they cremated just a few days back, was alive and breathing.

Neetu, the woman who walked back home after being cremated, went missing on April 6. Her family members lodged a complaint with the police, suspecting woman’s estranged husband Ram Lakhan’s involvement behind the disappearance.

However, the Noida police cleared this name and concluded that he wasn’t behind Neetu’s disappearance.

On April 24, the Noida police alerted Neetu’s family members about a dead body which was found in sector 115. The woman’s body was completely burnt and the family members identified her as Neetu.

Without matching the DNA samples, the police handed over the body to the family for last rituals. Family cremated the body next day.

During the course of the investigation, police also established that Neetu had been living with a man identified as Pooran in Etah.

When police got hold of Pooran, he told them that after a heated argument on April 5, Neetu left the house. He was unaware of her whereabouts ever since she walked out of the house.

However, an officer of Noida phase-2 police station who was working on the case since day one, continued to pursue the case even after cremation.

“We wanted to find out what exactly happened and was it a case of murder. Later, during the course of investigation, we got hold of a woman who identified herself as Neetu. We were shocked to find her alive. On May 2, Neetu’s family members took her home,” said the officer.

Now the police are trying to find out the true identity of the woman who was found dead and cremated under the assumption that she was Neetu.

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