Nitish Kumar says Culprits of Muzaffarpur shelter home rape cases will not be spared.

PATNA: A day after the country’s opposition leaders including Congress president

Rahul Gandhi

gathered at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and sought his resignation over the


shelter home sex case,


chief minister

Nitish Kumar

on Sunday said the culprit of the shelter home case would not be spared at any cost.

“All those who have committed wrong will go to ‘andar’ (inside the jail). The persons who are trying to save such wrongdoers, will also not be spared. They also will have to go to the jail. Till date, I never protected or supported any wrongdoers,” Nitish said while addressing a rural development department’s programme here after launching a ‘sustained livelihood’ scheme for the families whose traditional means of livelihood were affected due to enforcement of total prohibition in the state two years back.

BJP senior and state’s deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi was also present at the programme held at Adhiveshan Bhawan here.

Turning towards media-persons, Nitish said, “Zara positive feed par bhi aap log kripa karke dekh lein. Ek aad negative cheez ho gaya usi ko lekar chal rahe hain. Hum kisiko bakshne wale nahi hain. Aaj tak nahi kiya hai koi samjhauta. Baaki hum hi ko gaali dena hai toh dijiye. Kaise kaise logon se gaali dilwa rahe hain.”

“You also at times shower your blessings over the positive things that have been happening in the state. Please do not continue to run only a few isolated negative incidents that have just happened. I am not going to spare anyone. Till date, I didn’t do conciliation with anyone. If you want to abuse me, please do that, but do not let low-level people abuse me,” Nitish said.

Briefing about the sustained livelihood scheme, CM said in the first phase the scheme being implemented in 16 districts. “I hope the rural development department would implement the scheme in the rest 22 districts by end of the current financial year,” he said.

CM further informed the families covered under the scheme would be provided financial assistance in between Rs 60,000 to Rs one lakh for starting an alternative means of livelihood.

Earlier on Friday, Nitish said he was ashamed of the Muzaffarpur incident and gripped with a sense of ‘aatm-glani’ (remorse).

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