Nature life and Dance

Nature life and dance, when, how, where they get connected this question often comes in everyone’s mind, how nature originated, how Veda life was born, this is also a difficult question, no one knows the answer, but for dance it can be said that when Since the origin of nature, dance has registered its presence, that is, since there is life, there has been dance, trees, vines also start swinging with the touch of air, so everyone has seen the peacock, the earth swings from the dance confluence of sawan and peacock.
The fish living in the water, the birds flying in the sky, all seem to be dancing, music is the gift of nature because nature was the first of the creation, some scholars have told the origin of music by birds
From peacock shadjam (sa), from goat to Gandharm (ga) from cow to madhyamam (ma), .
A bird of New Zealand called the Bird of Paradise. This bird has a swayamvar. All the male birds stand in a row and the females watch their dance.
Seeing all this, it seems impossible to answer who taught them to dance. The language of Kharrrr, Khannnn kukukuku, Gadgad, Kukukku, Gadgad, Chalchal is all the gift of nature.
Which the dancer creates from his footsteps by the Ghungroo.
It is most intuitive that nature has an inextricable relationship with music, which is impossible to say in words, it is as deep as the ocean and limitless like the sky.

The Ancient Times

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