Nanesh-Hair Salon gives away Free Hair Cut and mustach to Public.

Bengaluru : Today, Nanesh Hair Salon & Spa proudly celebrated Abhinandan Release. Salon gives away Free Haircut to all bengalurians at Nanesh Salon, located in Koramangala. Which is in 4thblock as well on 6th block.
nanesh advance hair studio is an advanced hair saloon and spa which is situated in more than 700 sq ft. nearly 730 people took this free service from morning to till evening 6 pm. Nearly 130 persons had made mustach in the style which he had like abhinandhan.

To the support for the nation today the day started with cutting hair on the residential areas’s of kormangla near the saloon though even on the special occasion on this day it is been a wonder that such a huge crowd gathered ,

speaking on celebration nanesh said today we are very proud moment to support our nation one day of free hair cut and mustache and beard as well more than 600 people gathered on our hair studio situated at kormangla 6 th block and another hair saloon at 4 th block the service has been full free of cost for public . I am very much greatful to the support of public who made the support to the hero commander abhinandan.

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