Mumbai: Girl scolded by dad for excessive use of mobile kills self

MUMBAI: A Nalasopara girl ended her life by allegedly jumping into a well after her father took away her cellphone and scolded her for chatting on the mobile on Monday night.

The body of Shraddha Dhavle (22) was found in a well in Nalasopara (west) early Tuesday. Her parents had filed a missing complaint with the Nalasopara police after she went missing from their Omkar Nivas home in Samelpada, Nalasopara (west) at around 9.45pm on Monday.

According to Shraddha’s father Mangesh, who works as a ward boy in a private clinic in Nalasopara, on Monday at around 8 pm, he had taken away Shraddha’s cellphone as she was found chatting and talking on the mobile for the last few hours.

Mangesh stated in his complaint that Shraddha was addicted to the cellphone and would spend hours chatting or talking on the mobile.

The class 10th dropout left the house in anger and was last seen playing with children in the building compound.

At around 9.45pm when she did not return home, her parents and two minor siblings launched a search for her. Children from the building told the parents that Shraddha had left the building 15 minutes before they came looking for her.

In his statement to the police, Mangesh said that in 2015 Shraddha had undergone a brain surgery at the Nair hospital. He stated that since the surgery, Shraddha remained depressed and stayed aloof for hours.

He stated that while she hardly interacted with them and her siblings, she would chat and speak on her cellphone with friends for hours.

Mangesh told the police that his daughter had become short-tempered since the surgery.

When she was pulled up for overuse of the cellphone, she was chatting with a male friend based in Bhiwandi.

A case of accidental death has been registered by the police and the body has been sent for autopsy.

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