Mumbai Doctor Died Due to Coronavirus, Confirms Civic Body, Hospital Staff Told to Quarantine

BMC officials said the octogenarian’s son and grandson, who had returned from the UK on March 12 had developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus a few days later.

Mumbai: An 85-year-old doctor who passed away in a private hospital here on Friday died due to the novel coronavirus, the local civic body has confirmed.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had sent the octogenarian’s samples for confirmatory test, the results of which came positive for the COVID-19 pandemic. He had underlying condition of diabetes and had a pacemaker too.

The test results of his son and grandson, both doctors, are also awaited.

According to officials, the grandson had returned from the UK on March 12 and had developed mild symptoms a few days later. Instead of informing the civic body, the trio voluntarily sent their samples for testing to a private lab, Metropolis Diagnostics, at different points during the last few days.

The private lab reports tested positive for all three.

The octogenarian had been operating on his patients at Saifee hospital and his son, a cardiologist had also continued his consultations in two private hospitals.

A BMC official said, “We have quarantined several patients and staff who had come in contact with the duo over the past few days. By the time the deceased’s results came, he had interacted with many people in the hospital.”

“The family should have informed us about the symptoms they were developing and the grandson should have self-quarantined himself immediately after arriving in Mumbai. Despite them being doctors, many guidelines were violated,” said a BMC official.

The doctor was admitted to Hinduja Hospital on Thursday after he developed cough and cold earlier this week. He had also undergone a scan at the Saifee Hospital prior to being admitted.

The 85-year old passed away around 1am on Friday in Hinduja Hospital and his last rites were conducted immediately after that. The civic body is investigating whether protocols were followed during the cremation.

Several departments in the Saifee Hospital have been disinfected and many staff and doctors have been told to quarantine.

Samples of four family members of the deceased have been sent for testing and they have been isolated. Both the son and grandson have been admitted in isolation wards at the Hinduja Hospital.

Maharashtra has recorded 181 positive cases so far.

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