Move Over GoT Because Radhe Bhaiya Is Back! Salman Khan To Return In Tere Naam Sequel!

After sixteen years, Salman Khan might just be back to revive his magic as Radhe Bhaiya in the sequel of his hit film Tere Naam. In 2003, Salman Khan’s emotional drama won many hearts and now, Satish Kaushik has confirmed the the sequel of the film is indeed on its way!

The film starred Salman Khan and debutante Bhumika Chawla in lead roles and went on to become a cult classic for reasons more than one!

Apart from Salman’s epic middle-parting haircut that his fans copied for years, the music of the film was a big hit too! The news was confirmed by Satish Kaushik himself and a Mumbai Mirror report quotes him saying,

“Yes It’s true, I am making Tere Naam 2 which is a love story. That’s all I can say for now.”

A source further added that the sequel of the film will again revolve around a gangster and will be set in north India. The source added,

“Satish and Salman share a great bond and have recently worked together in Bharat. But it is yet to be decided if Salman will feature in the film or a new cast will be brought on board.”

As per an entertainment daily, Salman will have a cameo in the film for sure. So move over GOT fans because our favourite Radhe Bhaiya is back!

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