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Report By Noor Zahira | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 13 2019

Bangalore: Not all mothers are wished on mothers day some aren’t even cared by their own kids.
Devaki, 85 year old has 8 kids but has nobody to call a family.

She was forced to sell away her property 16 years ago after her husband’s death and later was abandoned by her own children. Despite that Devaki or better known as Devaki Amma didn’t lose hope and started a petty shop at the age of 70. Sounds like the Hindi movie Baghban right? But wait , Devaki doesn’t have any Aman in her life.

Like any other working woman ,she leaves home at 6am with her tiffin for breakfast and lunch to her petty shop at West of Chord Road in Manjunath Nagar, Rajajinagar. She is left with no choice but to shut her shop at 6 pm due to unavailability of electricity in her small shop.

She says she earns around RS 400 per day.

“After paying Rs 1,600 as rent, I manage the rest of the month. I also get a widow pension of Rs 1,000 every month,” she said.

Hailing from Kalaburgi, Devaki’s one kid is an alcoholic and due to too much of alcohol abuse he was sent to a rehabilitation centre for five months , when even his wife didn’t bother to bring him back , Devaki bought him back. It is true that love for a mother never ceases to stop at any given point of her life.
But all her efforts went in vain since he still comes to her shop pleading for money and assaults when denied.

Her neighbours helped her establish the 3X3 feet shop. “I picked up the wooden planks from a demolished building and someone offered to build a shop for me,” she said.

Even the share of rice ,dal and sugar from Anna bhagya scheme goes to her son since her name is included in their ration card.

Her shop is situated next to a vacant site and once someone starts constructing she will have to vacate the place and all she wishes is for someone to help her find an alternate place as her only last wish is to run the shop in a decent place as she wants to her earn her meals till her last breath.

A lot of the mother’s have seen so much of physical and mental abuse from their own children and it is so sad to hear your very own blood can do such things to them.

To care for those who once cared for us is by far one of the Highest Honours – Tia Walker

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