Mom rides 1,400km on scooty to get son home

HYDERABAD: Braving the stringent lockdown norms, a school teacher rode 1,400km on her two-wheeler to bring her son back home.
Razia Begum, a teacher in Bodhan, Nizamabad, undertook the arduous journey as her son was stuck in Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore town.

The teacher, who took a permission letter from police, was stopped at several places but managed to convince authorities about the necessity of undertaking the journey. “It was not difficult,” she told reporters after reaching her hometown with her son.
Razia’s son Nizamuddin, an intermediate student, was enrolled in a coaching academy in Hyderabad as he wants to become a doctor. Nizamuddin had gone to Bodhan last month along with a friend from Nellore. As the friend got to know that his father was unwell, both of them travelled to Nellore on March 12. However, because of the lockdown, Nizamuddin was unable to make the journey back home.

All I wanted was to get my son back: Razia
As there was no way out for Nizamuddin, Razia approached Bodhan ACP Jaipal Reddy for help.
With the letter in hand, Razia, who has three children — two sons and a daughter — decided to travel on her two-wheeler and reached Nellore on April 7. She took her son and immediately started off on the return journey.
She reached Bodhan on April 8. “I had to travel along forest area roads too. I was not scared of anything. All I wanted was to get my son back,” Razia said.

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