“MLA Sale”, Mela Begins..?

Just the way Horses are purchased, the losing political party buying MLAs to form the governments in states?

Each MLA was paid nearly Rs 35 crore. Though they tried to do the same in Rajasthan recently, they could not succeed because all MLAs remained united,” says Ashok Gehlot

Using the money received through electoral bonds, political party with less votes use strategy to buying MLAs just like people buy horses in horse mela?

this is a new culture started by the political parties wherein if they do not come in majority by the votes of the public they purchase the MLAs to win the majority and to form the government.

In such a situation the voting right conducted in whole state to bring the party of people ‘s choice to form the government doesn’t exist and power of money plays a game to form the government.

When THE ANCIENT TIMES reporter, asked the public opinion, the response was: voting is the right of the public to form the Government of their choice. If the MLAs Whose majority has form the Government jumps himself to other political party by the power of money. Then where does my right to vote stands.?

Further, the statement by Baba Saheb Ambedkar which quotes ” i didn’t give a weapon to my people, i gave right to vote instead of it. Now it is in their (public) own hands to live like legend by fighting OR to become slaves by selling it”.

further added, the MLAs who accepts the offer of the political party should be immediately suspended and reelection should be conducted to form the government.s

Karnataka Election 2023

looking forward for tomorrow election results who shall form the Government.

The Ancient Times

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