MLA NA Haris, 5 others injured in blast in Bengaluru’s Shanthinagar

BENGALURU: Shantinagar Congress MLA NA Haris

and four others sustained minor injuries when crackers exploded during an event in Vannarpet, Viveknagar, on Wednesday. Police are trying to ascertain whether the crackers were hurled at Haris or exploded accidentally.

Haris, 53, was attending an event near a temple when the attack took place around 8.30pm. He was the chief guest and sitting in the first row. Suddenly, a few lit crackers landed on him and four others sitting next to him. They were shifted to St Philomena’s Hospital. Sources said he was injured in the leg.

Haris’ son Mohammed Nalapad Haris said, “A special chair was arranged for my father as he was the chief guest, but he chose to sit among the audience. In minutes, something fell near his leg and exploded. His leg sustained burns. People sitting next to him also sustained injuries.”

Police commissioner Bhaskar Rao told “There was a cracker show at the event. We are investigating all possible angles. We’ve strengthened his security.”

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