Report By Samaah Saleem| Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at Nov 07 2019

Several post-graduate students from Bangalore Medical College and Resident’s Institute have been staging a protest. The protest is regarding better security as they claimed that a doctor was assaulted on Friday afternoon. No doctors were available on OPD rounds due to the protest because of which many patients were being sent back.

The doctors said that a female PG student was assaulted by a group of pro-kannada activists when she did not respond to them in kannada about certain patient concerns. Post graduate students have denied to cater to any Out Patient Department services as a mark of protest, some said that services would remain unaffected.

Dr Naveen, one of the PG students, said that five female PGs were working at Minto yesterday when at around 3.30 pm, a group of people from a pro-Kannada organisation barged into the premises and started questioning doctors about a previous incident while their were attending to patients. The argument had begun over cataract surgeries which caused many patients to lose sight due to poor quality drugs.

They came and asked a PG student about the incident and sought to know why compensation was not given. She was from Kerala and knew very little Kannada. Even as she was responding, she was pushed by a few members of the group and abused for not knowing the local language.

The doctors are demanding a serious police action to be taken against the perpetrators and have decided to continue this strike until this demand is met.

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