Minor raped by a 53-year-old in Maharashtra

Report By Sarah | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Sep 01 2020

In yet gruesome incident, a twelve-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 53-year-old man when she was home alone.
The incident took place in Titwala, a city near Kalyan in Maharashtra.

Where Titwala is famous for Siddhivinayak Temple.
The police have arrested the 53-year-old culprit for committing such a heinous crime.
According to the police, the accused visited her under pretext of repairing the fan at her house and a cruelly raped her on Saturday.

The accused is identified as Boblai who had moved in the same area just 10 days ago.

He worked as a labourer and tried talking to the girl often.
The police stated,

“As soon as the girl’s parents left for work on Saturday afternoon, he barged inside the house and saw the girl playing with her siblings.

He lured his siblings by giving them money and sending them off to get chocolates, after which he locked the door and brutally raped her.

He also threatened the girl not to inform anyone.”
Although, the next day the girl visited her teacher and narrated the monstrous act.

Following this, the case was registered and the police immediately arrested him from his house.

The accused was charged under IPC section 376 and POCSO Act.

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