Met An officer is devoted to art .

Met An officer is devoted to art .
Anjana welfare society Art festival ‘SURTAAL’ is going on fourth day of this festival guest were Jyoti Kalash, IAS, Addl Chief Secretary & Principal Resident Commissioner,
Nagaland House, New Delhi. Kathak exponent Dr. Mansi Saxsena with Chief guest of the program shri Jyoti Kalash he shared lots of information of tribal art,
Then everyone surprise to know he sings so well he has composed and sung a song to spread positivity for corona it was appreciated by the audience. Dr. Mansi Kathak artist from Chandigarh , DOORDARSAN graded and ICCR Empennaled artist. A disciple of Pt. Rajendra Gangani and Dr. Jagmohan Sharma has also received National Fellowship and scholarship in 2011 & 2004 from Ministry of Cultre, has performed in various culture festivals she has discuss about how much struggle the artists from non artists family ,and global changes in kathak dance formates.
This conversation hosted by Kathak artist Maya Kulshreastha.
Festival supporters are Indian oil, powergrid ,Cred Orbit, Scadoosh online Learning Classes.
Radio partner Big Fm 92.7 and media partner The Ancient Times .

Dr Mansi Saxsena
Jyoti Kalash IAS

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