Massive Rally And Protest -against private agricultural colleges

India is an agricultural country about 70percent of our population depends on agriculture one-third of our National income comes from agriculture.Agriculture can help reduce poverty for 75% of the world s poor, who live in rural areas and work mainly in farming.The farming community and the agricultural universities played a major role in achieving self-dependecy in food production through Green revolution.The self-dependecy in food products was mainly due to the efforts of agricultural education, research and extension.
The Karanataka State Act of 1963 which came into existence with establishment of farm universities at Bengaluru , Dharwad, Raichur, Shimoga, Bagalkote and Veterinary University at the Bidar which have been providing technical inputs to Farmers from decades.These universities are recognised as one of the best University in the nation with regard to education and research by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
But the revised Karnataka State agricultural Act in 2009 for the first time permitted the establishment of private agricultural universities.Due to that impact there are more than 10 private colleges have risen and strengthen it’s roots.These private agricultural colleges have violated the rules and regulations of ICAR, have failed to follow the Karnataka State agriculture Act and they fetch more money it’s being deadly to agricultural education.These private colleges are not providing basic necessity , well qualified professor , laboratories ,no limit to intake of Students not recognised by theICAR, no restriction on fee structures.
Rai tech University alone offers more than 1500 seeds they do not follow ICAR legislations ;these colleges are of no use to the farmer’s and their degrees are not recognised by the agricultural departments and have created intolerance in private sectors.
Agricultural acts or neither affiliated under agricultural universities nor recognised under government agricultural department complaints are already filed by the students and their parents against the Diploma and agricultural education.They are insisting the government to take legal actions immediately and shut these universities.
The current Chief Minister Mr.H.D.Kumarswamy who visited the protest at GKVK in 2016 addressed the students favouring the ban of private colleges and pressurized the government.
The than Agriculture Minister Mr Krishna ByreGowda had formed a committee to take legal steps against private agriculture colleges in the state.With this Act being unsuccessful proves the involvement of dirty politics and power of money.
In 1983-94 a private University in the name of Indian Veterinary Science College had been established in Kanakpura.Then Minister Mr. M.P.Prakash forced the closure of this University citing the low quality education of the University as the reason.Today the same courage and will of the present politicians is expected from the farming community and agricultural students association to close such existing.They are requesting the current Chief Minister of the state Mr.H.D Kumarswamy , deputy Chief Minister Dr.G.Parameshwar and agriculture Minister Mr.Shivashankar Reddy to amend the respective Acts regarding agricultural education and stopped the establishment of private agricultural college in Karnataka and shut down the Rai Tech University.
All the agricultural students of the state have been going on an indefinite strike for the past five days and on 02.07.2018 they have planned to go on a massive Rally at 10 am from Town Hall to Freedom Park along with eminent Social welfare activists.The students would like to inform that they will go on an indefinite strike till their goal of making Karnataka free from private agricultural colleges is achieved.They requested us to join in large number to pressurise the government in safeguarding agricultural universities and agricultural education in the state.
V.Ramesh, coordinator,Agri Students Association ,GKVK, Bengaluru. Mobile: 8971100612
Reported by: Sonali, Presenta and Sirisha

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