Massive Fire Breaks Out In Mumbai’s Fort Area, 2 Firefighters Injured

Mumbai: A massive fire broke out inside Patel Chambers in Mumbai’s Fort area around 4:30 am today. Around 16 fire engines were rushed to the spot as level-3 fire became level-4. Two firefighters also got injured after part of the building collapsed due to fire.

The operations to put out fire are underway and Chief Fire Officer Prabhat Rahangdale told news agency that the situation is under control.

Mumbai’s Patel Cahmbers caught fire on Saturday morning.

Two firefighters had minor injuries and everyone else is safe, said the officer.

“We deployed 16 fire engines, 11 tankers and 150 fire officers. Situation is under control,” he said.

“This building has been vacant for around four years. It’s a very old building. The staircase inside had collapsed long ago, so there was no way for us to go inside,” Mr Rahangdale said, adding, “It is a very congested area, so chances were that the fire could spread to neighbouring buildings as well. We are investigating the cause of the fire.”

This is the second incident of major fire in the Fort area in last 10 days. A huge fire broke out at the Income Tax office in South Mumbai’s Scindia House on last Friday. No casualties were reported in the incident. People who were trapped inside were rescued by fire tenders.

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