Report By Annu Kumari | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 08 2019

Alwar : Situations with crimes in India couldn’t make a stop, where nearly a horrifying attempt of gang rape and murder took place on 26th April 2019 in Alwar.

When a married couple name changed ( Priya ) and (Rohit) where went for shopping , were followed by five men on two motorbikes, After sometime when Rohit avoided those men’s , the assailants tried stopping the couple in Thanagazi area that afternoon.

When the couple refused to stop the assailants dumped the couple and dragged them threw on the sand dunes which was aside the road.

The couple were forced , beaten up , stabbed , with sticks. Meanwhile the women refused and tried to resist her husband and herself by those men’s when she couldn’t do anything to protect herself and her husband she ended up being gang raped by those assailants turn by turn .

Which went on for continuous 3 hours also vedios were being taped by one the men so that they could viral the act and demand for cash .

The incident made the couple traumatised and horrify they were not in a proper mental condition to give the statement up to 3 days . After 3 days they told about the incident happend with them .

The FIR was registered on 2nd may After the incident ,one the assailants called up the couple asking them to give 9,000 to delete the viral vedio cause one of the vedio was viral on social media after at attempt .

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