Manjushree Hospital killed 6 years old boy due to high negligence of the doctors and nurses present there.

Report By Ibrahim | Bengaluru | Last Updated at July 30 2021

Manjushree Hospital killed 6 years old boy due to high negligence of the doctors and nurses.

On 30-07-2021 Friday Morning 6 years old Touheed, mother name Shahina, father name Ajaz Ahmed when the child complaint about the stomach pain to his parent, they took him to Manju shree hospital wherein no doctor was present at the time of admission of the 6 year in the hospital receptionist address the nurse to take care of the child wherein without any proper test.

it was been declared that the child was suffering from food poison for which the Nurse consulted the only doctor named Ravi naik present at the hospital who was least bother to have a check on the child and prescribed to put the drips and also 3 injections was inserted into the child drips. Further the nurse carried out as per the instruction given by the doctor.

As per the mother shahina begaum her son was normal at the time of admission in the hospital also further stated by her that Touheed the child was talking to his mother and father and also passed the stool without any difficulty which clearly states that the position of the child was as normal as it should be until the injection prescribed by the doctor Ravi naik.

As stated by the child named touheed father that the child was totally fine before the injuction was given to his son but after which the child colour was started to turn in to blue and then the nurse did not allowed us inside the OPD and asked to wait outside. After few minutes the doctor Ravi Naik informed the father that his son is in emergency condition and asks to take to another hospital for which Ajaz khan father of child to refer to Ramiah Hospital but instead the doctor referred to Dr. Ambedkar Hospital.

The father of the deceased agreed and asked to provide the transport as the child was in emergency condition but the doctor said that there can be no vehicle be provided by the hospital instead asked the father to take his son in 2 wheeler stated by the father which shows the careless behaviour of the doctor and no seriousness.

When the parent of deceased took the 6 year old innocent child touheed to Dr. Ambedkar Hospital they declared the child as death one hour before bringing the child at the Ambedkar Hospital which was so shocking that the child had took his last breath in Manjushree Hospital one hour before itself.

This shows that negligence of the doctor by not testing the child properly and declared that it’s a food poison also inserted the injections without proper doing test on the child mother lost her 6 years old child whose birthday was today and had many plans prepared to be celebrate his birthday today.

The parent approached the police station to file complaint against the doctor and other facility of Manjushree Hospital for which police did not agreed first but after the involvement of The Ancient Times Police investigated and found out that due to negligence of doctor Ravi Naik and his team a mother lost her 6 year old child.

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