MANIPUR : Minister’s godown, torched by crowd

This is the second attempt that has been happened yet another torch attempt at property of consumers and food affairs Minister L susindro and his residence at kurai in same district on Friday night, but timely intervention prevented it

Imphal: a group of people that set up on fire in private go down of Manipur of Minister L susindro at chingarel in Imphal east district, that were turned to ashes, police reported on Saturday.

Another attempt had been recorded to torch the property of the consumer and food affair’s minister and his private residence at khurak in the same district on Friday night but the right time of intervention prevented it.

Several rounds of tear gas shells by security forces till midnight, Were  been sprayed to prevent the encirclement of the mob , until now luckily there was no casualty reported in the incident.

This is not the first time earlier the quarters of state Women Minister name ne cha ki phen at lamphel area in Imphal West district was set on fire by unidentified people on the night of June 14. House belonging to union minister RK Ranjan Singh was attacked and attempts were made to burn it down the next day

In this incident more than 100 people had lost their life and a large number of houses were torched rendering many people being homeless and in a pathetic condition. This is in the ethnic violence between Meitei and kuki communities in the north-eastern states so far.

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