Mangaluru: Man jumps into Netravati river along with 6-year-old son

Mangaluru, Feb 16: In a tragic incident, a man along with his young son allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the Netravati bridge in the wee hours of Sunday February 16.

The deceased has been identified as Gopalkrishna Rai (45) and his six-year-old son Aneesh Rai, residents of Baltila, Bantwal.

It is learnt that Gopalkrishna along with his wife and child had come to Konaje to attend a family programme. Thereafter, at around 4.30 am, Gopalkrishna took his son to Netravati bridge and jumped into the water.

In a death note found at the spot, Gopalkrishna is said to have written, “I have not slept for a week. I am committing a great sin by killing by son. Please forgive me.” He also reportedly wrote that he was leaving behind his wife Ashwini Rai and going away.

Domestic troubles are said to be the reason behind Rai taking the extreme step, sources said.

The car used by Rai is said to belong to one Thimappa Rai.

Search is on to find the bodies.

Mangaluru rural police have registered a case and investigation is on.

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