Mangaluru girl Asrina cracks judicial exam, takes oath as Civil Judge from Karnataka Chief Justice

Mangaluru: A young law graduate from Mangaluru, Asrina cracked judicial exams and has now taken Oath as the Civil Judge. She was administered oath by the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court on Monday.

Hailing from Haleangadi, Asrina is the daughter of Akbar Ali and Asmath. They are currently settled at Chokkabettu in Krishnapura here. Asrina completed her Primary and High School Education in Haleangadi and Kinnigoli before choosing law for her higher education at SDM Law College in Mangaluru.

After her graduation, Asrina began her career as a young lawyer under the mentoring of senior Advocates of Mangaluru Mayura Keerthi and Sharath Kumar B. She appeared for judicial exams in 2019 and successfully cracked it to become the Civil Judge.

Asrina’s father Akbar Ali is an employee of MRPL in Mangaluru and her mother is a housewife. The couple has three daughters all of whom are said to be academically excellent. Asrina’s elder sister is a Lecturer at PA College in the city and her younger sister is pursuing Ph.D. at a private college in Mangaluru.

Speaking to Vartha Bharati, Asrina recalled how she was ambitious to achieve something big in her life and also recalled that she had no set goal to initially as to what to pursue. “It was only after I joined SDM Law College, I set things straight that I wanted to become a judge, and then I started working towards achieving this,” Asrina said.

“My grandparent Sheikh Adam and Kaiyali Bavaka, and grandparents Saleemamma and Atijamma, my parents, and all the family members encouraged me in pursuing my dream. I was fortunate to have worked under two senior advocates at the beginning of my career. All this helped me in accomplishing my dream of becoming a judge” she added.

Expressing her joy over Asrina’s accomplishment, her grandmother Atijamma added as a young girl she wanted to pursue higher education but then due to the cultural bindings of not letting women pursue higher education, she was deprived of studying further. “That made me take the pledge that the girl children in our family should pursue higher education and should be able to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. Asrina’s achievement has made all of us happy” she said.

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