Man Urinating Inside Flight Arrested

Air India passenger arrested for eliminating on Mumbai, Delhi flight

A man was arrested for allegedly defecating and urinating on the floor of a Mumbai-Delhi AirIndia flight mid air reported by police.

A man was caught for allegedly urinating on the floor of a Mumbai, Delhi, Air India flight Mid air , this was reported by the police on Monday. This incident took place on board flight. AIC 866 on June 24, police said.

As stated by the FIR, Ram Singh, a passenger on seat number 17 F urinated and spat in a row 9 of the aircraft. Upon observing the misconduct, the cabin crew gave a verbal warning to the passenger. He was concealed from the others. It stated

The pilot who was in command was also informed about the situation, immediately a message was sent to the company seeking security on the arrival to escort the “passenger.” This act left several of the passengers agitated .

On the arrival, the head of the air India’s security attended and escorted the passages to the local police station.

This case was filed under sections 294( obscene acts) And 150( misconduct in public by a drunken person ) of the Indian penal code and was registered

Not only this on November 26,, 2022. A man who was an inebriated condition, allegedly urinated on a woman co-passenger on-board Air India flight from New York to Delhi.

10 days later, another episode of a drunken male passenger allegedly been “urinating “on a blanket of a female passenger was reported in Paris new New Delhi, Air India flight on December 6

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