Report By Noor Zahira | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 24 2019

Bounce, a Mysuru-based startup, offers a scooter sharing service which allows users to pick up a scooter from anywhere, ride it to their destination and drop it off at any location.

The founders of Bounce – HR Vivekananda, Varun Agni and G Anil, who were keen on the idea of a dockless ride sharing systems that are already popular in different parts of the world, decided to launch Bounce.

Recently the passengers have started noticing that once they book a bike and reach to the pickup location the bike is not available and most of the bikes aren’t maintained well which include the brakes system ,the fuel level and missing rear view mirrors.

An additional bug now is when one user filled a litre of petrol, only to find that they have stopped accepting bills and no refunds too.

Their customers are being charged for bikes which have problems too. One bike had a serious issue where the front part of the bike was missing and such bad bikes too were listed on it.

The app shows bikes which are not suitable for usage, they charge 15 rupees for a minute of start and of ending the trip due to various reasons usually the bad condition.

Most of the times there aren’t enough helmets and many bikes have silencers which are as loud as an ambulance.

Mr Omar (name changed) has filed a complaint against bounce for cheating and misleading under IPC Sections 420 (cheating ) and Section 201 (for false information and misleading).

Speaking to Omar he said that, “I went to leave Volkswagen car for service after which I had installed bounce bike for the first time by submitting my KYC documents and booked bike (Access) which showed 10 min away by walk from the current location.Its number was KA51AB5899 and the booking ID for the same was 8078197.Therefore I started walking towards the location in the map for about 15 min and it ended up in the inside streets only to find that there there was no bike with the number mentioned above.Later i called the customer care of bounce bike and was very disappointed by the response got from them, the executive said that the bike mentioned in the app was parked by the previous customer and was careless to help me out with the situation and rudely disconnected the call stating that the current issue was none of their concern and it’s my problem.I was stuck in the middle of street where no autos or Ola could come in the sunny bright day.”

From being the most convenient way of travel to becoming the most inconvenient “Bounce bikes” is definitely growing downwards.

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