Man murdered for rupees 10 in Bengaluru

Report By Shivani Baddi | Christ College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 11 2019

Bengaluru: A 38-year-old man was murdered by a parking fee collector, as he refused to pay the fee amount in Lavanya Theatre, St. John’s road, Bengaluru on Thursday, 9th May, in the afternoon.

Bharanidaran, the victim, had come along with his cousin in a two-wheeler on Thursday at 4:30 PM to watch a Tamil movie, in Lavanya Theatre.

He parked his vehicle in the parking lot, and as per the parking norms in the theatre premisis, Selvaraj, the parking fee collector, asked him to pay a fee of rupees 10.

Bharanidaran refused to pay and possessed aggressive behavior towards Selvaraj.

Due to this random outburst of aggression towards him, Selvaraj was angered and out of revenge, he along with his friend, Shekar who was member of the housekeeping department in the same theatre, attacked Bharanidharan.

They took him inside the theatre and attacked him again, due to which he was very badly injured.

Soon after this incident, other staff members of the theatre rushed Bharanidharan to the Bowring Hospital in an ambulance.

He was declared bought dead by the doctors.

The police immediately registered a case and formed a team to catch the accused, Selvaraj and his friend Shankar.

They were both arrested on Friday, 10th May, in the morning and were charged under section 302 (Culpable homicide amounting to murder) under the Indian Penal Court.

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