Man killed for flashing torch into accused’s face

Mumbai: One person was arrested in Kurar in north Mumbai for allegedly killing a man for flashing a mobile phone torch into his face, police said on Sunday.

The incident took place late Friday night when the deceased Abhishek Chohan was climbing up an unlit flight of stairs in an under-construction building with the help of a torch in his mobile phone, an official said.

“The light inconvenienced Abhichandra Yadav who was sitting on the stairs leading to the fourth floor and he entered into an argument with Chohan. Yadav pushed Chohan into the lift duct and the latter fell down from the fourth floor.

He was declared dead on arrival by doctors at a nearby hospital,” the official said. Yadav has been charged with murder, said Kurar police station senior inspector Babasaheb Salunkhe.

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