Mamata Banerjee: The emerging iron lady of West Bengal.

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 13 2020

As per reports Mamata Banerjee never withdrew a salary and always made means by the royalties offered to her, from her books and music, which she fondly pursues, despite her being a 7 time member of the parliament. Despite generating income from her creative pursuits only, she made a contribution of 10Lakhs INR, with 5Lakhs INR to the state emergencies relief fund, and 5Lakhs INR to the Prime minister’s relief fund. She further added that she has a limited source of income, from where she generates and thus has done her bit to contribute for the nation and her people. Mamata is also seen taking steps accordingly in order to help curb the pandemic from affecting the third tier people and hence help them financially. She has made official announcements to make proper arrangements for all those below the poverty line, in order to provide them all the essential commodities, so that they face no shortage and their regular households don’t face much problems and scarcity in midst of this calamity. 

She has also given unprecedented power and access to the Kolkata police who are now using unmanned drones in order to track and prevent social and mass gatherings at every nook and corner of the city(if any). 

We really appreciate the efforts all the ministers along with the Prime minister in order to curb the pandemic from spreading. 

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