Lone JD(S) MP decides to quit Hassan seat to make way for ex-PM Deve Gowda

The only JD(S) Lok Sabha member Prajwal Revanna has decided to resign his Hassan seat in Karnatakato pave way for grandfather and party’s national president HD Deve Gowda’s return to Hassan as an elected member.

This is his personal decision, though, and yet to be approved by Gowda or the JD(S).

He said, in a brief chat with reporters in Hassan, that it was not an emotional decision, but a well-thought out one, as Gowda’s presence was very much required in Parliament.
Prajwal Revanna, son of Karnataka’s PWD minister HD Revanna, said he will meet Gowda and convey his decision.

He said he was young and had a long political career ahead of him. Gowda’s rich knowledge and expertise had benefited Karnataka immensely, and he should continue to remain in the Lok Sabha as a voice of farmers.

Gowda, 86, vacated his seat of Hassan to field grandson Prajwal, and contested from the neighbouring Tumakuru, where he lost to the BJP.

His other grandson Nikhil Kumaraswamy, son of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, too lost from Mandya, to the BJP-backed independent candidate Sumalatha Ambareesh.
In Karnataka, the BJP has done exceptionally well amid the sound and fury of the ruling JD(S)-Congress combine in Karnataka winning 25 out of 28 seats, and pushing Congress and JD(S) to the fringes with one seat each.
The JD(S) is enveloped in gloom after two of party’s star candidates Gowda and Nikhil lost pools in the formidable Modi wave. Prajwal Revanna, however, retained the seat for the JD(S) by a margin of 1.41 lakh votes against BJP candidate A.Manju.

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