“Leopard Sighting Sparks High Alert in Bengaluru’s Electronic City”

A leopard sighting near Bengaluru’s Electronic City has raised alarm, prompting forest officials to take swift action. Reports suggest that the officials are actively monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of residents.

On a recent Saturday, various videos began circulating on social media, depicting the presence of a leopard in the vicinity of Bengaluru’s Whitefield area. However, the forest department has clarified that the location in question is Singasandra, near Electronic City, rather than Whitefield.

Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF), S S Lingaraja, stated, “Our dedicated staff is diligently working to pinpoint the leopard, which has allegedly been spotted within the city. The area in the videos seems to be Singasandra, near Bannerghatta, not Whitefield.”

This area is in proximity to the Bannerghatta National Park, known for its abundant wildlife. Notably, several major tech firms, including Infosys and Biocon, are situated in the vicinity.

This isn’t the first instance of leopard sightings in and around Electronic City and the southern regions of Bengaluru. In January, Bangalore University issued a circular to caution its staff and students living in the area about such sightings.

The presence of leopards has been reported in other areas as well, including Kengeri, Devanahalli, Kumbalagodu, and Kodipalya, adding to the growing concern for residents’ safety.

As the videos of the leopard’s presence continue to circulate on social media, authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to address this wildlife encounter.

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