Lawyer’s safety on edge Ghaziabad lawyer shot dead despite security.

Attorneys handle a wealth of sensitive information daily. Confidentiality is a core tenet of the legal profession. Clients need to know that whatever they say to their lawyer is protected via client-attorney privilege.

Just midway through 2022, there have been more than 330 mass shootings in the U.S. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, a retired Wisconsin judge was recently gunned downoutside his home. When I examined the issue of personal safety for lawyers a few years ago, statistics showed that violence against lawyers and other legal professionals was on the rise. I decided it was time to revisit this issue to learn what we can do to predict and protect ourselves against violence.

Craig Gundry, Vice President of Special Projects for Critical Intervention Services, was available to share his knowledge on these issues. He has over 30 years of specialized focus on designing security programs for protection against acts of terrorism and mass violence.

It’s important to keep the lawyers protected on any cost special section law has to be made to keep them safe .government should take measures to take precautions and various measures to take safely  precautions for the lawyer and their life to avoid any further murder and voilence .

The fact Monu Chaudhary’s killers – two armed men – broke through a security cordon, murdered him and then escaped has led to questions being asked of the police.

A lawyer was shot dead at his office in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad on Wednesday. The lawyer – Monu Chaudhary – was in his chambers, which is inside the district court complex, and eating when two men burst in and opened fire. Mr Chaudhary’s blood-covered body was found slumped in the chair.

A case was filed with the Sihani Gate Police Station and the investigation is ongoing, as part of which a forensic team gathered evidence and the body has been sent for post-mortem.

In addition, security footage from CCTV cameras installed across the court premises are being secured, Nipun Agarwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (City). Preliminary information indicates Mr Chaudhary was shot dead at 2 pm. The attackers reportedly arrived on foot and fled after committing the crime

The killing comes as legal practitioners across western UP went on a 24-hour strike today to protest the clash between lawyers and police in the state’s Hapur region. In anticipation of further clashes police had been deployed at all court and tehsil complexes in the state.

However, the fact that armed men broke through this security cordon, murdered Mr Chaudhary and then escaped has led to questions being asked of the police.

After news of the gruesome murder, scores of lawyers gathered around the crime scene and soon protests broke out as Mr Chaudhary’s colleagues demanded justice. At the time of the attack other lawyers were meeting to chalk out their strategy on the Hapur issue.

Hapur Lawyers Protest On Tuesday the Hapur Bar Association staged a protest over an allegedly false case against a lawyer and her father. Tensions escalated as police resorted to lathi-charge against lawyers.

 The Supreme Court Bar Association hit out at the police action and said advocates protesting peacefully against the alleged high-handedness of the police was a violation of their rights.

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