Lawyers, Delhi Police clash outside Tis Hazari Court, one advocate injured in shooting

New Delhi: A scuffle broke out between lawyers and the Delhi Police outside the Tis Hazari district court in the national capital on Saturday. What began as a minor accident when two vehicles, one from either side, collided, turned into a violent clash with an advocate, Vijay Verma, been shot at during the commotion. He has been admitted to St. Stephen’s hospital and is under observation. A police vehicle was also set on fire.

Jai Biswal an office-bearer of the Tis Hazari Bar Association narrated the incident. He said it all began when a police vehicle hit a lawyer’s vehicle when he was coming to the court. “When the lawyer confronted them, he was ridiculed and six police personnel carried him inside and thrashed him. People saw this and called the police.”

He further said, “We informed the high court, a team was sent there along with six judges, but even they were not allowed to go in. When they started to leave, the cops fired bullets.” He said that the station house officer (SHO) and local police came to the spot but were not allowed to go inside.

While the Delhi Police denied any shot was fired, the injured claimed four rounds of bullets were fired.

Forces have also been deployed by the Delhi Police to control the situation.

K. C. Mittal, chairman, Bar Council of Delhi, condemned the incident, calling for the dismissal of the concerned policemen.

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