Latest News by NASA, not able to contact Rover



has reportedly not been able to establish contact with the

Opportunity Rover

– which has been exploring


for 14 years – for over two months, due to a global dust storm engulfing the

red planet

. However, the US space agency has not given up on trying to make contact with the robotic rover. The rover had to undergo an emergency shutdown after the dust storm prevented it from powering itself through its solar panels

Scientists from Nasa’s

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

have been attempting to send Opportunity a message command three times a week since then.

The last time Nasa heard from Opportunity was June 10.

“A variety of scientists think early to mid-September might be a time when the skies clear enough that it could recharge,” Andrew Good, Mars and Mars technology media relations specialist, told ‘Inverse’.

The Ancient Times

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