Kerala: Police personnel suspended for taking bribe from murder accused

A police officer was removed from service yesterday for allegedly taking bribe from some of the accused of a suspected honor killing case in Kerala.

Two police personnel, ASI Biju and police driver Ajaya Kumar of Gandhinagar police station near Kottayam, were arrested and suspended for allegedly taking bribe from some of the people accused of killing a 23-year-old man in May this year.

Kumar loses service benefits for 3 years

About their crime, police said Biju and Kumar, while on a night patrol on May-26, had intercepted a car being used by a gang after noticing that its number plate was hidden.

However, they allowed the vehicle to proceed after taking a bribe of Rs. 2,000.

Acting on that, Biju was removed from service yesterday and Kumar’s service benefits canceled for three years.

Case: Man killed two days after filing of marriage registration

Coming back to the honor-killing case, on May 27, Kevin P Joseph, a Dalit Christian, was abducted by the gang belonging to his fiancee’s family, who were opposing their marriage.

His body was found in a river in Kollam a day later.

Joseph’s relatives alleged that he was tortured and killed two days after the couple filed a joint application for their marriage registration.

Case stirred up Kerala, Opposition parties attacked ruling LDF

Joseph’s killing had rocked the state with the opposition Congress and BJP attacking the Left Democratic Front government on the issue.

Then Kottayam District Superintendent of Police V M Mohammed Rafique was transferred following the incident.

The action against the two police personnel over bribery was taken as the trial in the case is set to begin at a court in Kottayam.

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