Karnataka To Set Up A Robust, Real-Time State Health Register, A First Of Its Kind Initiative

By: The Anicent Times News Desk |Bangalore | Last Updated May 28, 2020

The Karnataka state government is set to launch a first of its kind “State Health Register” which has become the need of the hour amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Am official statement described the database as a robust and standardised health repository.

Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar said the COVID-19 experience has brought about the necessity of having a robust, real-time public health data. He explained there is a need to maintain a repository of health data of each and every citizen. “The government will undertake a survey of all 6.5 crore people in the state using a team of Primary Health Center officials, revenue officials, education department staff and ASHA (Accredited Social and Health Activist) karyakartas,” Sudhakar said.

The minister elaborated that the team will visit households and collect health data of members of the family. He said this will help the state government provide better healthcare and allocate efficient resources, management and better implementation of citizen centric schemes. “The health register is a futuristic project which has been taken up in the interests of the people. The data collected will help us prioritise healthcare based on geography, demography and other targeted measures,” he said.

This project will first be implemented in Chikkaballapura and Dakshina Kannada districts on an experimental basis.

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