Karnataka opens its first detention centre for illegal immigrants

BENGALURU: Contrary to PM Modi’s statement on Sunday,

Karnataka has already launched its first detention centre for illegal immigrants

near Nelamangala, about 40km from Bengaluru.

Addressing a rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, Modi had said, while referring to the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC), that there are no detention centres in India. “We’ve opened the centre and it’s ready to house illegal immigrants,” RS Peddappaiah, commissioner, social welfare department, told . A top state home department official confirmed the development.
The state government had planned to open the centre in January, but advanced it reportedly following a directive from the Union government.

Since the centre has been operational only for a few days, no illegal immigrant has been lodged there yet. “The Foreign Regional Registration Office identifies illegal immigrants and sends them to the detention centre. We are ready to house them with necessary infrastructure and staff,” Peddappaiah said.

The government has converted a social welfare department hostel into a detention centre. The facility has six rooms, a kitchen and a security room, and it can house 24 people. Two watchtowers have been built and the compound wall is secured with barbed wire.

In November the state government had informed the Karnataka HC that it had identified 35 temporary detention centres in all districts of the state to house illegal immigrants.

The submission came during a hearing of bail petitions of two illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The government had said 612 cases were registered under the Foreigners Act and other laws against 866 persons of different countries.

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