Karnataka Lockdown Extended Till 7th June 2021

The Karnataka government on Friday extended the statewide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 till June 7.

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa today confirmed that a decision on the extension of lockdown in the state has been taken after a meeting with senior officials and ministers.

“We had a meeting with senior officials and ministers. We have taken a decision on lockdown. We had strict restrictions till 24th May. As per the opinion of experts, we are extending the strict restrictions till 7th June at 6 am,: said Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa.

Amid the growing number of black fungus cases in the state, the government has also decided to give free treatment for Mucormycosis (black fungus) patients in the govt district hospitals, added the CM.

The state is currently under complete lockdown till May 24.

The Karnataka govt had initially announced 14 days “close down” from April 27, but subsequently imposed a complete lockdown from May 10 to May 24, as there was a consistent surge in COVID cases.

The number of fresh cases in Karnataka is on a decline, as the state on Thursday reported 28,869 new cases, which was surpassed by recoveries with 52,257 discharges. However, the number of deaths continued to remain high at 548.

Total number of active cases stood at 5,34,954.

In the last two days Karnataka had reported over 30,000 fresh cases.

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