Karnataka judge moves SC against elevation of junior as HC judge

The Supreme Court is scheduled to take up on Monday a plea by a principal district and sessions judge for quashing the Presidential order of April 30, appointing a “junior” as additional judge of the Karnataka High Court.

On April 30, the Law Ministry issued the notification, appointing judicial officers Shivashankar Amarannavar, Smt M Ganeshaiah Uma, Vedavyasachar Srishananda, Hanchate Sanjeevkumar, and Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai as additional judges for a period of two years.

A bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose would take up the matter at 10 am on Monday, as the swearing in ceremony of all the five judges is to be held at Bengaluru at 10.30 am.

In a writ petition filed on Saturday, Sri Master RKGMM Mahaswamiji contended the order passed to elevate Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai from district judiciary as additional judge of the HC for a period of two years, was “arbitrary, unconstitutional, unlawful and in total disregard of existing binding executive instructions”.

His petition filed by advocate Sanjay M Nuli claimed his name was ignored and not taken into consideration for promotion or elevation, along with his batch mates. He also submitted that his service record from the date of his appointment on February 25, 2008 to December, 2018 was clear from any adverse remarks.

Except Desai, four other officers who were elevated, are either batch mates or senior to the petitioner, he claimed.

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